Neve Hanna children's home — changing children's lives

Dear Friends,

Most Israeli children eat well each day, go to school, and return to loving homes. But some – whose early lives were scarred by poverty, abuse, or parental mental illness or drug or alcohol addiction – do not.

What happens to the kids who fall between the cracks?

For nearly 40 years, Neve Hanna Children's Home in Kiryat Gat, Israel, has provided a loving home for youngsters from troubled families. Our residents are not orphans, but the sons and daughters of native Israelis in distress – and of Russian, North African, and Middle Eastern immigrants.

By providing a nurturing, therapeutic environment, we give these children the opportunity to heal and thrive.

Our full-time residents live in supportive foster family units, and our non-boarding participants take advantage of an innovative after-school program where they get a hot meal, help with homework, and enrichment activities.

Affiliated with the Masorti (Conservative) movement, Neve Hanna aims to instill a sense of self-worth and a love of Jewish learning, tradition, and values.

We offer sports activities, a petting zoo, a bakery, a library, computer facilities, and much more. Hundreds of youngsters have lived with us at Neve Hanna. Most go on to build successful careers and raise healthy families.

Visitors note the care and attention given to each child, the recognition of individual needs and challenges – and all the smiling faces.

Please join me on a tour of Neve Hanna, meet some of us and see what we are doing.

Join Us!

David "Dudu" Weger
Director, Neve Hanna, Kiryat Gat, Israel




Neve Hanna is a magic jewel that converts sadness into joy; weeping into laughter, tragic destinies into hopeful futures...

Rabbi Marc Liebhaber






You peeled me like an onion.
I can't say there were no tears.
But the taste that stayed was sweet.
It's hard to sum up eight years.
All I have to say is 'todah rabah' for the love and concern and trust you put in me.
I arrived a small and frightened child.
But together we made it.
I grew up and matured
and learned things from you:
to enjoy life, to listen, to love and to give.
Thanks for everything. Keep in touch...

a Neve Hanna graduate in the Israel Defense Forces (translated from the Hebrew)